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O.B. Info is company specialized in software development.
We help companies build and integrate applications quickly and efficiently.

Who are we ?

A passion

Founded by a passionate guy, O.B. Info aims to offer a wide range of services and advice to help its clients complete their projects on time and on budget.

A method

A solid experience, a good mastery of tools and techologies and the respect of a principle too often forgotten: Keep It Simple, aim for the simplest solution!


There is always a solution to an IT problem. We can help you find this solution so that you can achieve your goals and keep your IT at your service!

Our main objective :

your success.

Our services

Application Development

We are building, for you or with you, your applications / systems, partially or totally.


Quality is one of our priority: from conception to realisation, we ensure to respect your quality standards. Without compromise.

Fair price

Every dollar invested with us is a dollar well invested. We are not here to impoverish you but to make you grow.

Why choose us?

Simply because our expertise is great and recognized!

An IT project cannot be carried out successfully without a solid knowledge of IT technologies.

Knowing your tools well, knowing how to use them also means knowing their limits and knowing how to choose the right ones! Each project is unique and what has worked for one does not always apply to another.

We have a wide technological arsenal and knows when and how to use each of the tools we have mastered. We can also call on our partners when time comes to find other solutions or simply to confirm a technological choice.
Here is a list of languages, frameworks, tools and systems that we master:

Go, Java (Spring, Kafka,...), Typescript (Vue.JS, Angular, React), Dart (Flutter, Android), PHP, Python, C#

MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, SQLite, Prometheus, MongoDB, HSQLDB, H2, Oracle

Git, Mercurial

IntelliJ, PhpStorm, PyCharm, GoLand, Android Studio

Gradle, Maven

Linux (Debian, RedHat)

Google Cloud, Amazon AWS

GraphQL, REST, gRPC, Facebook Graph API, Stripe API, Paypal API

Ansible, Jira, Bamboo, Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab, Artifactory, Nexus, GitLab, Rundeck, Crucible, Swagger, etc.


Satisfied clients


Years of experience


Succesful projects

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